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About Us

Mission Statement

Basic Practices Information Systems L.L.C. (BPIS) endeavours to make maximum contribution to Customers’ Professional Know-how, while continuously educating, updating & upgrading Customers’ own skills.

More About Us

BPIS is a private company that provides Information Technology Security Solutions and Services.

Establishing the Company in 2012, BPIS founding partners brought into it vast cumulative Professional, Technical & Regional Business experience, accumulated through appointments with IT leaders, such as LM Ericsson, International Business Machines (IBM) … in a variety of Technical, Managerial and Executive roles, as well as decades of Regional Business appointments with Business Sector and other Organisations.

BPIS Focuses on providing its customers with complete Information Security, Governance and Optimisation Solutions made up of BPIS Industry Specific Consultancy, World Class IT Solutions, BPIS Professional Services and Training.

BPIS initiatives are strategically targeted to provide innovation to the country's Information Technology Security Solutions, Governance and Services, all towards the realization of the vision for a continuously developing region.

While BPIS operates as a private company ensuring its investments are profitable, the entity’s ethical interests lie in establishing and nurturing strong, sustainable and long-term developments that serve the community in line with the Country’s growth vision and future aims. BPIS is the business partner of well-established and trusted global and regional companies